Summer 2015
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  About DMC  

The Durango Mountain Camp provides intensive one-on-one Orton-Gillingham based language training for professionally diagnosed dyslexic youngsters ages 11-17 (day campers 8-13). DMC's highly personalized academic program builds a strong language foundation which allows students greater success when they return home to their normal academic environment. Many of these youngsters will progress through several grade levels in their language skills during the 5-week summer session. Durango Mountain Camp also provides an outstanding summer experience through an exciting selection of uncommon outdoor pursuits. These challenging activities help develop creativity, enhance self-esteem, foster individual strengths and generate a great deal of enthusiasm. Greater self-confidence, gained through successful participation in these outdoor pursuits, often translates to a more positive attitude, which can last long after campers leave Durango Mountain Camp.

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Why Durango Mountain Camp? Six reasons why DMC is so successful for Dyslexic students.

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"I was amazed at the improvement in Tyler's reading after the five weeks of DMC. He was reading much faster and more fluidly. The math class really helped his confidence in math, too. After two summers in a row at DMC, he has also gained the invaluable life skills that he will continue to use every day. Tyler talks about his big hike up his first 13,000 foot mountain, and how much fun camp was"
Tammy Miller, mother of Tyler, Topeka, Kansas

"Anna made great progress both summers she was at DMC working to conquer her language processing challenges. She met other dyslexic kids and really 'got it'; that she's not the only one who struggles to learn to read. She realized that, in fact, her gifts of creativity are pretty cool. She learned valuable ways to advocate for herself and communicate with educators about her learning challenges. Yet, all she talks about is the incredible amount of fun she had. I strongly recommend DMC to other parents, and hoped that Anna will be able to return for a third summer."
Jill Taylor: mother of camper Anna. Vancover, WA

"I have lots of fun at DMC. You think it's going to be really hard — but it's NOT. It's so much FUN!"
Anna Taylor, Camper

"As our seventh grader comes home from school actually smiling, yes, SMILING, this year, I am repeatedly amazed at the strides he has made with the help of the staff at DMC; not only in reading and handling the work load at school, but as importantly, in his sense of self and his interactions with others. The improvement in both areas is enough to make me wonder if we shouldn't figure a way to get our other son into the program! Thanks!"
Kyle Miller, parent of Tyler, Topeka, KS

"DMC provides a unique environment for my child to grow, not only in terms of reading, writing and overcoming dyslexia, but also socially. In each of his two summers, Andy has returned more mature and confident. I could not be happier."
Dr. Lawrence Ginsberg, Father of Andrew, Houston, TX

"Noah had an 'Awesome Experience' and he genuinely feels good about himself and the camp experience. Yes, he was definitely standing taller at the closing recognition. Thank you for providing a very positive all-around experience."
Gabriella and Howard Haftel, parents of Noah, Glenwood Springs, CO

"I am extremely impressed with Forest's reading and writing improvement. He sounds out difficult words and figures them out 90% of the time and is even insistent that he read his work to me. Thank you for providing a wonderful experience for all of these kids."
Valerie Brier, mother of Forest, Santa Fe, NM