Summer 2015
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Why DMC?  

Why DMC? Six reasons why DMC is so successful for Dyslexic students.

Many professionals think the "best of all summers" for students who are dyslexic is an intensive immersion remedial program coupled with great outdoor pursuits.

Most of our campers make more academic progress in this well designed 5-week summer progran than during an entire year in regular school.


1. They are away from home (a great maturing opportunity)
2. They can concentrate solely on the language arts skills; no other classes with which to be concerned.
3. Scientific research shows that "total immersion" in a subject brings about faster, longer lasting learning.
4. All the other kids are "just like me"; they can relax and put their energies into learning.
5. Our highly trained staff, using scientifically validated teaching methods, targets and teaches to their specific needs using their strengths.
6. Our challenging, high adventure outdoor pursuits build true self-esteem and confidence.