The Durango Mountain Camp

The Durango Mountain Camp (DMC) provides an intensive 5 ½ week language immersion program for diagnosed dyslexic students’ ages 11 – 16 (day campers 7 – 13).  DMC’s highly personalized academic program provides an hour daily of the following: One on one Orton-Gillingham based tutoring, individualized study hall, composition, and oral/silent reading.  This immersion program builds a strong language foundation which allows students greater success when they return home to their normal academic environment.  Many of these youngsters will progress through several grade levels in their language skills during the 5 ½ week summer session.

Durango Mountain Camp also provides an outstanding summer experience through an exciting selection of uncommon outdoor pursuits.  These challenging activities help develop creativity, enhance self-esteem, foster individual strengths, and generate a great deal of enthusiasm.  Greater self-confidence gained through successful participation in these outdoor pursuits often translates to a more positive attitude, which can last long after campers leave Durango Mountain Camp.