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Outdoor Pursuits

Durango Mountain Camp’s location in the magnificent San Juan Mountains of  Southwestern Colorado, allows campers access to an exceptional array of world-class outdoor pursuits.  Many campers find that the excitement, personal challenge, and satisfaction experienced through these activities are a perfect complement to the morning’s academic emphasis.  Each afternoon, campers participate in three hour programs which include:

  • Mountain Biking: Durango is one of the world’s premier mountain bike areas with a wealth of trails ranging from gentle forest paths, to scenic cross-country single tracks, and pounding downhill courses.  DMC mountain bikers learn basic and advanced skills from the outdoor pursuits biking staff.
  • River Sports: The Animas River provides an excellent water playground where campers get to test their skills at rafting, kayaking, and paddle boarding.  The campers begin in flat water and progress to challenging Class 2 and 3 rapids.
  • Horsemanship: Interested campers learn basic riding skills in DMC’s outdoor riding arena, and then enjoy trail rides through the surrounding San Juan National Forest.
  • Climbing Skills: Campers are introduced to top-rope climbing techniques, rappelling, and peak ascents.
  • Wild Colorado: A nice introduction to a variety of outdoor mountain skills including orienteering, natural history, survival skills, shelter building, edible and medicinal plant identification, shooting, archery, tracking, and Animas River activities.
  • Scuba: After exploring the basic skills of SCUBA diving in the pool, divers travel to a lake for their open water dives and completion of their PADI SCUBA certification.

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